Want to Easily Manifest Whatever You Want? Learn the Systems and Techniques You Need to Transform Your Goals and Dreams into Reality.
Discover proven techniques to consistently and quickly accomplish your goals and manifest your desires without feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed.
  • Do feel like your goals taunt you? It's as if you make the list only to never see them come to life. 
  • Are you struggling with believing that you'll have success? Plagued with past failures you struggle to embrace success as
               your own, thinking that you don't qualify. You can't allow your past to predict your future.
  • Are you frustrated with your lack of results in manifesting your dreams? If we talked, I bet you'd give me a full list of how YOU
               tried to do all the work to manifest your goals...because it's so hard to sit still and trust the process. It may not make much sense
                to you right now, but you have to learn to let go and let God. 
  • Can't consistently apply what you SHOULD be doing? You may be experiencing the highs and lows of manifesting so often
              that it's completely frustrating. If you're tired of taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back...it's time to get a new manifestation routine.
  • ​Need someone to help you get back on track and guide you with a simple process to manifest your goals.  It's me..I am here to help you!

Listen, I know the Law of Attraction isn’t new to you...

You’ve tried time and time again to manifest your goals into reality, but it just isn’t working.

You’re tired of repeating affirmation after affirmation and still not having the money, success or outcomes you want. 

And you’re at a loss on where you’re going wrong because as far as you can tell, you’re doing everything right. 

Deep down you believe in the power of manifestation – you’re just not clear on how to effectively apply it to your life – and that’s why you’re here. 

You’re ready to learn the basic manifestation systems and techniques you need to reach your goals with ease.

No one ever said manifestation was instantaneous. Well, okay, maybe some people have, but the truth is, manifestation takes work. It requires you to actively focus on and work toward the things you say you want. 

It’s a culmination of your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions and oftentimes, people give up trying to manifest their dreams because of limiting beliefs or frustration with lack of results.
That’s why we’re committed to giving you the tools and techniques you need to easily master manifestation.

In fact, we’ve put together a Magnetic Manifestation Course to walk you through the process with guidance, systems and tools that really work.

As part of this course, you’ll learn:
  • How to CLEARLY define what you want
  • The best way to overcome distractions and nagging limiting beliefs
  • The power of journaling and how it can help you manifest MORE in life and business
  • How to use your imagination for effective manifestation
  • The best way to use the Law of Leverage to attract more income

When you join us, you’ll receive instant access to:
●    Stacia’s personal manifestation story
●    Our Manifestation Methods workshop
●    Our 100K Affirmation (Bonus #1)
●    The Manifestation Map (Bonus #2)
●    Our How to Manifest Next-Level Connections workshop (Bonus #3)
●    Manifestation prompts with guided instructions and case studies (Bonus #4)
We’re practically giving the material away… so what’ll it be?

In My first Week I Made $3000

Stacia stopped me from embracing sabotaging thoughts that were holding me back…and challenged me to make some changes…FAST! I quit my job as a stylist and went into business for myself. Because of my expertise, I learned how to monetize my skills and get paid what I was worth. I'll admit, I was actually scared to raise my prices at first. So I used Stacia's manifestation tools to set goals and script what I wanted to happen. When I sent out my new price list to clients, I made $3000 the first week and more kept coming in as my books filled up.  And as a result, I doubled my weekly earnings…Now I manifest new clients, celebrity clients, professional athelete's wives, dignitaries and more!
In case we haven’t met before, I’m Stacia Pierce and I’ve been a manifestation magnet for years now… but it wasn’t always like that.

I had to learn the same skills I teach in this course to go from not seeing the results I wanted to manifesting things I never thought possible like $100K days and spots on “The Steve Harvey Show,” Arise 360 TV, ABC, FOX, CW and NBC.

Known as the “Whole Life Coach,” I use my skills and experiences to empower women to freely and smartly chase their greatest desires with confidence and knowledge.
Are you ready to be one of them?

When you join Magnetic Manifestation Course, You'll have all the resources you need to:

  • Effortlessly manifest what you want—a successful business, new clients or a dream trip—when you want it.
  • Set a financial goal and MEET or EXCEED IT...
  • ​Confidently make decisions that are in tune with your desires.
  • ​Easily and consistently attract new clients to your business--the people you WANT to work with...
  • Feel optimistic and excited about your future...

So, what’ll it be? Are you ready to finally learn how to effectively manifest all the
things you say you want

Current Student Reactions To Magnetic Manifestation Course:

Picture Having Everything Aligned... So that You Can Have Your BEST Outcome For Your Highest Good....

Think about a time when you got something you really want...how excited you were and the feelings of joy that radiated through your veins. Think about how uplifted it made you feel and how, in the moment, you could easily believe anything is possible....I'm going to show you how to harness that feeling and 
use it to manifest your desires over and over again. 


Eliminate overwhelm, doubt or fear that could be stopping you from manifesting your dreams with my easy techniques


Create your business vision in your Success Journal, using my special prompts that I used to manifest my first $100K day


Attract and connect with your IDEAL client. Build good relationships with clients you get you and repel those who don't, so that your books are filled with happy people excited to pay you. 
Here’s one last thing I want to say …
When you commit to this course and the techniques and systems inside, you’ll walk away with a newfound confidence in your ability to manifest the things you want.

You’ll learn how to be specific and clear, so that what you manifest is exactly what you want.

You’ll learn how to easily manifest your biggest goals and desires, while quieting your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

And you’ll learn how to do all of this on repeat because once you learn the techniques and systems I’m sharing, you’ll become a manifestation magnet.

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting something, trying to manifest it and then not seeing the results. I know … because I’ve been there.

In fact, it’s through my own work that I discovered why manifestation can be sporadic, unpredictable and disappointing at times. It's because you're getting in your own way … just in case you were wondering.

You’re allowing those negative thoughts, doubts and limiting beliefs to take hold and no matter how many times you look in the mirror and repeat your affirmations, if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to happen.

That’s why it’s time for a change. Are you ready to unlock the secrets to successful manifestation?

Get started now for just $27.


The no fluff super simple manifestation training 
that you can use right away and see results almost immediately. 

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Stacia's Personal Manifestation Journey

I share my entire manifestation journey...my frustrations, roadblocks and the breakthrough. This video is complete with private photos of my dream homes, vehicles, vacations and so much more. 

Bonus #2: Manifestation Map

A 7-Day Guided Map to empower you to set an atmosphere for manifestation. You'll align your heart, mind, and emotions to manifest easily and quickly. Follow the short assignments each day and you'll began to see prosperity demonstrations before the week is done! 

 Manifestation Methods Workshop

When you take this workshop, you'll see just how easy it can be to manifest your greatest desires.
In this lesson you'll  learn:

>>  How to Define your WHY
>>  How to Eliminate Manifesting Distractions
>>  How to Use Your Imagination For
>>  How to Manifest with Laser-Like Focus
>>  How to Leverage for Manifestation
>>  The top Client Attraction Technique that
       works every time

Bonus #3: Manifest Next-Level Connections with the Goal Card

This bonus audio is taught by Ariana Pierce. She shares the secrets to manifesting clients, connections and opportunities using the Success Attraction Goal Cards. 

Bonus #1: $100K Affirmation

$100,000 Affirmation. I am adding in the specific affirmation that I use to manifest $10K to launch my perfume line. And I have used it, revised it over the years to manifest more big contracts, clients and big paydays in my business. Now you can too! 

Bonus #4: Manifestation Tools

I created and prayed over the very popular Success Checks that Have helped many business owners reach higher level incomes.  We've had clients increase six and seven figures and it all started with using the Success Checks and our method for manifestation. You'll get an entire template to print your own Success Checks and Deposit Slip and a full explanation of how to use them effectively. 

For years I've been teaching people how to maximize and manifest and live their dream life. Here's just a few of the breakthroughs that were reported:

  • ​Built dream homes
  • Scored major contracts worth thousands of dollars
  • Received unexpected checks in the mail
  • ​ Bought new cars, dream cars
  • ​Landed top executive dream jobs
  • ​Doubled business income
  • Started new practice in dream city location
  • Secured $5ok-$600K Contracts 
  • Launched celebrity charity foundation
  • ​Secured deals with celebrity clients
  • ​Secured own TV shows
  • ​​Major TV appearances on national shows
This 1 Hour Training 
Will change your life in so many ways. 
You'll learn foundational principles to maximizing your manifestation to get 
get more clients and make more money. 

If You Desire To:

  • Make the manifestation process applicable to YOUR life
  • Manifest More in your life and business through journaling.
  • How to CLEARLY define what you want.
  • ​Overcome distractions that may stop you from reaching your goals. 
  • ​How to use your imagination for effective manifestation. 
  • ​ How to use the Law of Leverage to attract more income

Then This Masterclass Was Created Just For You! 

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ONLY $27

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